Dr. Debb  Gordan, Chief Scientist, g-dii

Dr. Debb Gordan, Chief Scientist, g-dii

Dr. Gordan was awarded her doctorate in 1983 in Psychology and Statistics at the University of California, San Francisco where she was appointed to an Assistant Professor role. Debb has worked for more than 28 years both in the financial industry and as a consultant for companies such as Deloitte and Touché, Alco Partners and others. Debb was the lead author in the Medical Debt Credit Reporting Whitepaper which influenced changes in how medical debt is scored in the FICO 9 score. Debb’s commitment to cultural diversity and global inclusion began with the Girl Scouts by organizing and hosting Thinking Day for nearly ten years. Debb served as Vice President of American Women in Science for the California region, and is a strong advocate for corporate cultural diversity programs in the financial industry.