Jim  Rivett

Jim Rivett

Maybe it's because he's a junk-picking junkie who's addicted to scouring curbsides, attics, and flea markets for creative inspiration...Or maybe it's just that he has dangerously high levels of adrenaline. Whatever the reason, Jim has an uncanny ability to quickly bypass clutter and zero in on missed treasures, like a brand's authentic value proposition for instance.
Jim's earliest ambition was to become a serious painter until post-graduate study at the New York School of Visual Arts fueled his interest in design. While he still sketches and takes to the canvas, he's more often than not inactivity-challenged which accounts for his 30+ years of success in advertising.
Don't be fooled by Jim's gentle spirit and soft-spoken manner. He has a wicked sense of humor and takes pleasure in finding the most outrageous ways of achieving fun daily. Not to mention he's a man of profound integrity. It's why we'd follow him into the depths of hell...or dive into the nearest dumpster. :-)