Cynthia  Stott

Cynthia Stott

Cynthia Stott is a Global Visibility Expert and Mentor, bestselling author and the creator of She guides experts and entrepreneurs to create virtual programs that spring from their passion work. She teaches unique Facebook and Twitter techniques designed to give you an immediate national and international reach. One client went international with her first tweet. Another was able to garner a reach of over 3.5 million with less than 100 twitter followers.
Her specialty is packaging programs in ways that feel good to you and your clients. Working with Cynthia, speakers and coaches have created their signature speeches that more than doubled their back of the room sales.
She had an 18 year career at the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco as a bank examiner for consumer protection laws. Her work led to a change in the way banks and auto dealerships do business. Now she’s changing the way we do business online and in person.