Surendra  Reddy

Surendra Reddy

Surendra Reddy is the founder and CEO of Quantiply Corporation, a cognitive intelligence company. Surendra was most recently the Chief Technology Officer leading Cloud and Big Data futures research at Xerox PARC. He founded and launched Big Data Foundry, a data sciences open innovation platform in collaboration with PARC, CISCO, and Hitachi. Prior to PARC, Surendra served as the General Manager and CTO for SIOS Technology group companies, where he was responsible for defining global cloud and Big Data GTM strategy and guiding the 200+ strong engineering organization. Previously, he was Vice President of Cloud R&D at Yahoo, CTO and VP of Engineering at Amitive, and the founder and CTO of Optena. He spent more than seven years at Oracle running the database software engineering group. Surendra received his MBA from Northwestern University and his Bachelor of Technology in Electronics and Communication Engineering from Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University, India.