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8/12/2019 amplified-youngevity-shared-by-dead-doctors-dont-lie-author

AMPlified: Youngevity Shared by Dead Doctors Don't Lie Author

Your host of Amplified, Ken Rochon, The Umbrella Syndicate, Founder the Keep Smiling Movement, along with co-host Andrea Adams-Miller, The RED Carpet Connection and Executive Director of the Keep Smiling Movement interview Dr. Joel Wallach, aka The Mineral Doctor, Founder of Youngevity, and author of the well known audio Dead Doctors Do not Lie as well as a recent presenter at the Tesla Tech Conference 2019. Listen Now

1/4/2017 happy-new-year-welcome-dr-wallach

Happy New Year - Welcome Dr. Wallach

Waking Up in America
Dr. Val and Randi Have the honor of returning in conversation to start the new year with Dr. Joel Wallach, Well known Author and Founder of Yougjevity and who believes in long and healthy lives He is also the author of "Dead Doctors Don’t Lie" Listen Now

12/28/2016 the-magical-world-of-dr-joel-wallach

The Magical World of Dr. Joel Wallach

Waking Up in America
Join Dr. Val, Randi & Dr. Joel Wallach as they dialogue they dialogue on Health, and mind blowing information on (for Men - Keeping your junk happy) and for everyone on how to be healthy and stay healthy. Listen Now