Tosca  Reno

Tosca Reno

Tosca Reno is a New York Times best selling author, founder of the Eat-Clean Diet® health revolution, health and wellness expert, transformation coach, motivational speaker, Star of a Gemini Award Winning reality TV show, physique competitor, and mother of 4.
Reno started her career at an age when most would consider retiring, earning her first of many Oxygen covers at 43, after losing 84 pounds and healing herself through Eating Clean®. She has competed in numerous physique contests and endurance events.
The founder of the Eat Clean® series that kicked off a food revolution by the same name, Reno has sold millions of copies, helping millions lose weight and become well, thanks to Eating Clean®. Once 204 pounds and officially obese, Reno has maintained this using the Eat Clean Diet® method.
Her busy life includes a TV series with PBS, an episode of which will be aired in January as well as speaking in NewYork this month and on tour in the spring putting her Victoria in April.