Nicci  Bonfanti

Nicci Bonfanti

Nicci Bonfanti puts the soul back into selling. She helps female business owners, in particular, find their Inner Sales Superhero so they can find their own way of selling with authenticity, integrity and alignment. She has run her own company, Trusted Sales Dynamics and has helped hundreds of business owners through applying her 5 principles for Trusted Selling. During her 15 year career in Global Sales and Marketing her unique approach to sales ensured she was promoted or hired for a new post every year due to her direct sales results and through the results gained from coaching her sales teams. She has been ecstatically married to Ivano Bonfanti for over 20 years and they have a wonderful daughter Fabia now aged 14. Nicci has been a fan of Chelsea Football Club all her life but as a family for live sporting excitement they have a season ticket at their local Basketball team, The Surrey Scorchers.