Suzanne  Colson

Suzanne Colson

Suzanne Colson, PhD is a research midwife and a nurse whose thesis introduced biological nurturing ~ laid-back breastfeeding and won the prestigious Akinsanya Award for originality and scholarship in doctoral studies. She is co-founder of The Nurturing Project, an organization which disseminates biological nurturing research. Suzanne is an honorary and founding mother/leader of La Leche League France and is on the professional advisory board of La Leche League of Great Britain. She has over 35 years clinical experience supporting breastfeeding mothers-in France working with Dr. Michel Odent, in London hospitals as a caseload midwife and midwife/lactation specialist, and in research and lecture at Canterbury Christ Church University. Suzanne has authored numerous articles, research papers, a book, and three DVDs. Suzanne has presented biological nurturing in 22 countries across the world. She is available for conferences and clinical consultation; see