Paul  Kennamer, Director/Co-Producer

Paul Kennamer, Director/Co-Producer

Paul is the co-producer/director of Eating You Alive and CEO of Garden Fresh Media. Paul embarked on the Whole Food/Plant Based (WFPB) journey in February, 2014 after being introduced to the lifestyle approach by Dr. Michael Hollie and the documentary, Forks over Knives. Concerned about his weight and health, (given his family health history), he committed to the WFPB program. Six weeks later and 45lbs lighter, with increased energy and no more joint pain- Paul’s focus now is to encourage others in their decision to begin their own journey.
Prior to producing his first feature length documentary, Paul was President of his own audio/video production company, Smallbox Entertainment Group. He oversaw production on hundreds of video projects with a client list that included The Coca-Cola Company, HBO, Chrysler, Good Morning America, The Disney Channel and Space Camp.