Diva  Diaz

Diva Diaz

Diva Diaz is an Access Consciousness® facilitator and international speaker. She has worked for Forbes, The Economist, Le Monde, The Washington Post, and later business intelligence. When the glitz of the corporate world and all its pressures began to lose its appeal she chose to follow her dream and develop her own business. A successful personal development and business coach, Diva facilitates Access Consciousness classes, seminars and coaching sessions around the world. Some of her favourite topics include being a woman in business; going after your dreams regardless of qualifications and experience; embracing what makes you unique; and how every disability is actually an ability in disguise. “I think that the willingness to open up and see how everybody functions in their own unique way can create a huge explosion of possibilities in many areas of business and the world in general.” – Diva Diaz