Diva  Diaz

Diva Diaz

Access Consciousness Faciliator, entrepreneur & international speaker, Diva Diaz began her working career in business & economic media (Forbes, The Economist, Le Monde, The Washington Post & more) travelling all over the world.
Growing up with people with different labels of disability from schizophrenia, bipolar, depression & anxiety to ADHD, OCD & Aspergers recognising herself in so many of these labels, Diva has always been fascinated with what she has always seen beyond the labels that people live by & how they receive the world around them.
Coming across the tools of Access Consciousness, Diva instantly knew that the pragmatic tools that work, empowering people by asking questions that allow them to access their own awareness is what she had been looking for.
Diva continues globe trotting whilst working with Access Consciousness, facilitating classes and workshops & being the invitation for people to embrace their difference & enjoy the gift they are to the world.