CO-HOST Isabel  Donadio

CO-HOST Isabel Donadio

Isabel Donadio is an American model best known for her award winning honors as Miss Teen California Latina 2013 and Miss City of Menifee 2014. Furthermore, Isabel’s success in pageantry has paved a way for her in fashion. Her stunning frame and elegant face has proved to be a force of interest in the fashion industry. She has been a featured model for LA designer Amren Tulano, New York/Paris designer Emily Daccarett, and served as a campaign face for Victory Fashion Events. Isabel’s gracefulness has earned runway work in Macy’s and Mercedes Benz Fashion Show in Temecula, California. ​
Climbing the entertainment ladder in films, infomercials, and theatrical performances, Isabel is beginning to make a name for herself. As an aspiring actress, Isabel has performed in lead roles such as “The Long Way Back” and a theatrical performance, “Proof”. In pursuing entertainment success, Isabel continues to remain persistent in her efforts to attain prominence and longevity.