Deanna  Cochran

Deanna Cochran

Deanna Cochran is a nurse, end of life guide and trainer. She mentors pioneers in end of life worldwide to serve and empower their communities. She founded Quality of Life Care in 2005, after her mother's death, to advocate for palliative care from the moment of diagnosis, regardless of diagnosis and long before hospice is necessary. She developed "Accompanying the Dying: A Practical Guide and Awareness Training," which has been featured in major media such as the New York Times, Medscape and Austin American Statesman. Trained as a RN, Deanna has served the dying and their families in various settings, mostly hospice since 2000 and as an End of Life Guide and Doula since 2005. She has been mentoring others since 2010.
QLC's private programs fund her public education efforts, services for those in need and the Journey Podcast. Her forthcoming book ‘Accompanying the Dying: Practical, Heart Centered Wisdom for End of Life Guides, Doulas, and Educators’ will be available soon.