Nicolas  Laracuente

Nicolas Laracuente

Nick Laracuente is the Site Protection Program Administrator at the Kentucky Heritage Council. While he spends his weekdays doing review and compliance, he devotes his free time to researching Kentucky's whiskey distilling history. He volunteers with the Jack Jouett House Historic Site as the director of the award-winning Jack Jouett Archaeology Project,a community archaeology program. The project focuses on the history of the whiskey industry through the excavation of farm and abandoned industrial distilleries and oral history accounts from project volunteers. Last year, he was hired as the Bourbon Archaeologist by Buffalo Trace Distillery to document and guide the excavation of the remains of their buried and forgotten 1883 O.F.C. Distillery Building. The "Bourbon Pompeii" is a unique example of an archaeological site being preserved and exhibited within the heart of an active distillery. It will be open to tourists in early 2017. He can be reached via twitter: @archaeologist.