Sherry  Mouser

Sherry Mouser

Sherry moved from her hometown of Shreveport, Louisiana to California in 1975. Overall, she has more than 40 years experience in field of communications, including 10 years as a radio DJ in Louisiana, Texas and California, as well as having her own graphic design business for print and web since 1996. She is a singer-songwriter and storyteller. She is also a practitioner and trainer for Powerful Non-Defensive Communication. Sherry and Vicki have been life partners for more than 20 years, and have worked together through that time developing and expanding the Way of Joy system. Sherry is project manager and handles the web site and marketing for Vicki's programs. She also plays the keyboard and often provides live music for Vicki's events and background music for Vicki's training videos. Married for more than two years, Sherry and Vicki have a lot offer on the subject of balancing life/work in relationships.