Walter  Muntzenberger

Walter Muntzenberger

Walter Muntzenberger has over 30 years of experience working with data. His expertise is in all aspects of Enterprise Data Architecture, Analytic and Operational Applications, and related use cases across multiple verticals. Starting through the late 80’s and early 90’s at Teradata and then Oracle, he architected some of the then largest enterprise data warehouses in existence. He continued forging new paths at Silicon Valley startups such as Broadbase (now KANA), Kanisa (Knowledge Management), Chordiant (Real Time recommendations and Orchestration), Paraccel and Kickfire (massively parallel columnar databases). Now a Vice President in the Global HANA Center of Excellence at SAP, Walt’s team works primarily with customers worldwide helping them architect their Big Data vision and roadmap to run their businesses Faster, Simpler and Smarter. He believes Enterprise Data Architectures should incorporate the best of all technology platforms.