Keith A.  Somers

Keith A. Somers

Keith A. Somers, Founder and Chief Operating Officer of the Keith A. Somers International Foundation, is a working actor, voice over artist and powerful motivational speaker. Keith was born in the 60’s and raised in the suburbs of Southeastern Pennsylvania. His childhood, judging from the outside, was basically unremarkable, yet internally speaking, his reality was not so idyllic. Being the byproduct of the multi-ethnic union between his Afro-American father and his Italian/East-Indian mother, Keith had to endure significant ethnic and class prejudice from his peers, and though he was a working teen actor, he battled many deep seated, emotional issues throughout his childhood and on into his teenage years, at which time he found relief from his demons through drugs and alcohol. He later won his battle with addiction and is 25 years sober. Keith's speeches have empowered and saved the lives of millions of people. He is a powerful catalyst for personal change.