Michiyo  Ambrosius

Michiyo Ambrosius

Dr. Michiyo Ambrosius is a Life and Business Success Mentor, International Speaker, best selling author and clinical psychologist whose passion is to free people from the cultural and societal restrictions of their past so that they can thrive in business and personal lives.
She developed a powerful technique called NBP (Neuro Bilateral Processing) - a brain integration technique that can literally change a person’s mindset.
Born and raised in Tokyo, Japan, her multi-cultural heritage and extensive travels have blossomed into her unique ability to connect with people of diverse backgrounds and stories.
Dr. Michiyo believes passionately that each of us must follow our inner paths to the freedom to pursue our own unique potential and life purpose. And anyone who has heard her captivating talks will know that her own journey to personal freedom has been a long and challenging one. Her depth of her experience touches everyone she works with in a profoundly life-changing way.