Tom  Matt

Tom Matt

Tom Matt is a man who has lived and promoted Self-Improvement. Spending 20 of his adult years as a problem drinker and drug abuser, Matt describes himself as having walked the fine line between normalcy and dependency. Becoming a single parent at 38, Tom realized the time had come for a radical lifestyle change. He not only made that change, he never stopped working to inspire and help others make changes—at any age!! Completing his BS at age 40 and his MS at age 49, Tom Matt is the author of four books: Maximize Your Quality of Life–The 200% Solution, Great Fitness, Attracting Abundance, and Believe in Amazing. He is the acclaimed Radio Host of “ Boomers Rock” on a number of stations in Michigan, where he has won the ‘Excellence in Broadcasting’ award six times. Tom Matt is a Certified Personal Trainer, with numerous specializations and the Boomer columnist for ‘Healthy & Fit’ Magazine. He lives in Michigan with his lovely wife Sandra, and is a father and grandfather.