Scott C.  Brown

Scott C. Brown

With a strong background in the film industry and having appeared on TV for the first time at age seven, Scott has spent a lot of time in front of the camera. This has allowed for a better appreciation and understanding of the demands required behind the camera. Now, as a writer, producer, director, publisher and mentor, this experience is key in developing solid and successful projects. This also includes guiding those that are seeking to make their own projects a success. Having stopped ghostwriting over 7 years ago, Scott has sold and/or optioned 36 scripts under his own name. Several which are now produced, sold and distributed. Many others are still in development and preproduction. No longer spending time in front of the camera by choice, outside of an occasional interview,Scott’s attention and energy are spent on bringing projects to fruition. He now focuses on overseeing operations of his startup companies. An indie film magazine, his production company Pushing The Pen, and his intellectual properties company The Indie Vision Project.Having formally launched The Indie Vision Project just over a year ago it already has 2 features completed and over 2 dozen other films in development and production, with an initial slate of 150. At the beginning of January, Scott launched The Indie Vision Project's Screenwriting & Directing Competition. A competition that not only has 20 runner-ups with $50K plus in cash and prizes, but also had not one, but 2 Grand Prize Production & Distribution Deals. Some of the competition’s sponsors include; The International Screenwriters’ Association, The Laemmle Theaters, EZ Way Broadcasting and FilmFreeway. As a producer and mentor for other screenwriters and filmmakers, Scott actively works to change the outcome of projects. He bringing his years of experience and extensive connections to the forefront in an effort to make them fiscally viable and ready for distribution.