Graeme  Crosskill

Graeme Crosskill

Graeme is the founder/creator of Benevolent Entrepreneurs which is a business focusing on empowering the creators in the world to see and be their greatness through the tools of Access Consciousness and the enthusiasm we have for business. He truly sees Business as the platform off which miracles can show up for us in this reality!
“BE’s choose awareness rather than money; their knowing rather than an answer and consciousness as their target. BE’s find comfort in the uncomfortable and success in the unknown. They are the game changers, reality breakers and paradigm shifters of our age”– G.C.
He is a pragmatic futurist which means he is always asking for more, greater bigger and faster! He never stops creating, he always asks questions and he is always willing to choose something that will create more possibilities for everyone, for now and the future.
Graeme is a published author. He is the co author of Smudge & Friends , a book that teaches similar tools to children.