Rod  Ammon

Rod Ammon

Rod Ammon, President of Stonehouse Media Incorporated, has over 25 years of experience in television, film, interactive media, and digital and online marketing. He specializes in working with businesses, government agencies, and professional associations to transition their online properties from purely informational one-way billboards to multi-directional interactive tools that engage the target audience to accomplish organizational goals like member involvement, revenue generation, and training delivery. In 1995, Mr. Ammon founded Stonehouse Media Incorporated with his partner, James Paulus.Under Mr. Ammon's leadership, Stonehouse Media was one of the first in the region to become a cross-platform networked facility, implementing emerging compression, conversion, and delivery technologies to bring virtual reality, motion, and sound to interactive media.Today, Mr. Ammon develops multi-faceted projects that take advantage of all converging media.