John  Wordin President and Founder

John Wordin President and Founder

A nationally recognized leader of the movement to help Veterans and First Responders affected by PTSD, TBI and injury, John Wordin is the President and Founder of Project Hero.
A native of Southern California, John was an avid high school and college athlete, earning a scholarship to play football at Cal State Northridge. Weighing 260+ lbs. at graduation, he decided to change his lifestyle through exercise, which included cycling, and improving his diet. In less than a year, he weighed 220 lbs. and within 16 months he was at 185 lbs. and had begun his career as a professional cyclist. He participated in 3 US Olympic Trials and earned a Bronze medal in the 1989 US National Championships.
John then founded and was president of the Fitness Challenge Foundation, which was the genesis of Ride 2 Recovery. He was also the director of the Mercury Cycling Team, which became a dominant presence in US professional cycling, winning 535 races between 1998–2002, and was named Team of the Year.