Kerry  Hargraves

Kerry Hargraves

Kerry Hargraves is a creative, intuitive, sparkly explorer. She walks, sometimes skips, along the playful path.
The programs she teaches do more than just make women happier, they also change the world! By helping women to discover and embrace their bold, fun, brave, vibrant Bodacious Bad-ass Old Broad and unleash her on the world, the world becomes a brighter, happier place. Who isn’t all in for that!?
After a million jobs in about 50 years chances are Kerry has been there or done that. And she has the refrigerator magnet collection to prove it. Along the way, she learned the power of a playful spirit for changing lives, changing the world, and improving every aspect of life.
At any given moment you may find Kerry blowing bubbles in an elevator, spreading her wings and flying around corners on the street, singing loud in her car, or dancing to the grocery store music. She will be spreading smiles, creating laughter, and encouraging others to join in the fun.