Ken  Larson

Ken Larson

Ken is a Certified Executive Coach specializing in coaching leaders, growing companies, corporate performance training and high impact inspirational keynote presentations.
Ken has owned and operated Champion Performance Systems since 1998. Ken’s passion is to ride shotgun with amazing high performers as they breakthrough to new levels of performance both personally as well as professionally.
Ken is a Certified Coach with Gazelles International and assists leaders and their teams to create, implement, embed and successfully execute a "One Page Strategic Plan" for their organizations. Aiding in creating sustainable growth, and defining it, often beyond their expectations.
Ken was involved with TEC Canada (2008 - 2013) as Chair of a CEO/President Group, a Key Executive Group, and a TEC Round Table for small business entrepreneurs. Ken worked face-to-face with leaders of companies between $5M and $2.2B in top line revenues and between 10 and 5,000 staff worldwide.