Ken  Rochon

Ken Rochon

Ken Rochon is an accomplished entrepreneur as an International Social Proof Celebrity Photographer and co-founder of The Umbrella Syndicate. Also, he has 30+ yrs with Absolute Entertainment DJ Service as well as Perfect Publishing, which has published over 80+ books. His new venture is which showcases the top events you want to be at each year.
He has authored over 18+ books including Keep Smiling, all 18 editions; The 50 Book Challenge; The Father Son Bond for Building a Legacy; The Centurion World Traveller Game; Making Friends Around the World; Kenny’s Favorite Things; The No Nonsense Book on Nonsense; Becoming the Perfect Networker; and more.
Additionally, he is the founder of Perfect World Network/Perfect Networker, and a past recipient of America's Most Influential Business Connector . Lastly, his philanthropic passion is capturing smiles all over the world that radiate love and acceptance.