Tyler  Dinwoodie, Exec Vice President-Alabama Graphite

Tyler Dinwoodie, Exec Vice President-Alabama Graphite

Ty Dinwoodie is responsible for Alabama Graphite Corp.’s corporate development, in addition to the day-to-day operational aspects of the Company. A marketing expert and a corporate strategic advisor with two decades of international experience, Mr. Dinwoodie has an extensive background in market and industry analysis in the graphite sector. Most recently, Mr. Dinwoodie has served as a marketing and communications consultant for Alabama Graphite Corp., having previously served as Senior Vice President of Marketing for Focus Graphite Inc., as well as a marketing, communications and strategic consultant for other graphite development companies. As Special Advisor to the Chief Executive Officer of Intercontinental Potash Corp., Mr. Dinwoodie’s marketing collaterals were directly responsible for raising millions of dollars in strategic investment.