Bevin  Branlandingham

Bevin Branlandingham

​ Bevin Branlandingham is an ultra rad warrior for self-acceptance. She is a writer, performer, healer and cultural producer in Los Angeles, CA who believes that all bodies are good bodies and works to make the world safe for people to love themselves. ​An award-winning Femmecee and event producer, Bevin's monthly body positive dance party Rebel Cupcake was named one of the reasons New York City is the Best City in the World by Time Out New York. ​She moved to Los Angeles in 2016 and is excited to be part of an upstart community that turns the stereotype of thin obsessed Hollywood on its head. She blogs at and teaches a weekly dance aerobics class called Fat Kid Dance Party (For all Sizes to Heal from Body Oppression) at EVERYBODY in Los Angeles. She provides energy healing through Reiki-infused teas, currently available through her blog and soon at