Sophie  Biddle

Sophie Biddle

Sophie Biddle has led an extraordinary career for over 20 years as a health strategist, nutritional adviser and body worker in the entertainment industry, with CEOs of fortune 500 companies, athletes, European royalty, and many others. Through her studies she has gained useful knowledge of powerful holistic approaches to healing. After completing postgraduate work, she studied under Deepak Chopra, Master Wo of the Beijing Institute and Anne-Marie Colbin of the National Gourmet Institute. She’s worked with dancers, sports stars and triathletes, helping them dramatically decrease their injuries and recovery time between work-outs, noticeably improving their strength and performance. Sophie recently began to specialize in alternative and complementary medicine, addressing chronic diseases with remarkable results. She is a gifted public speaker inspiring people to take charge of their health. Feel free to contact her for lectures and speaking engagements at