Becky  Feola

Becky Feola

Becky Feola, owner of Assisted Living Advantage, learned the value of hard work at an early age and continues to put that work ethic to use to help families and individuals seeking the best assisted living for their loved ones.
Her life took at drastic turn when her husband was diagnosed with Huntington’s disease and she became his primary caregiver. During that time, Feola immersed herself in research, learning all that she could about the disease, the legalities of being an informal caregiver and guardian, the insurance companies, social services and the legal system.
After an 11-year battle that included finding multiple caregivers and assisted living facilities, her husband passed away and Feola founded the NJF Center for Caregivers, Inc. Following that, Feola’s phone still rang with people needing her expertise in locating places for loved ones to receive the best care possible. She decided to start Assisted Living Advantage to continue to serve families in that capacity.