Christopher  Baity Executive Director & Founder

Christopher Baity Executive Director & Founder

Christopher is an OEF/OIF Marine Corps dog trainer and kennel master. With nearly 16 years of experience training working dogs, to include three combat deployments and three overseas tours with working dogs, spending the last 3 ½ years training Service Dogs for wounded veterans. Serving as the Executive Director and K9 Programs Manager for Semper K9 Assistance Dogs, he instructs over 60 volunteers in the training of mobility and psychiatric service dogs for military veterans and their families. Baity’s expertise in animal behavior, obedience training and service dog tasks continues to produce over 12 service dogs each year without access to full funding or a working facility. Specializing in rescued and mix breed dogs, Semper K9 regularly demonstrates the wide availability, and range of success and use of rescued dogs to be trained as service dogs.