Daniel  Smitchko

Daniel Smitchko

After being a machinist for 22 years and working for someone else I decided it was time to start my own machine shop and started Cutting Edge Machining Solutions, Inc in 2001. In 2010 we formed Cutting Edge Bullets, LLC to begin a product line of our own. Starting out with just two calibers in the MTH line, we quickly developed almost the entire line from 22 caliber through .375 during the first year. During year two we developed the MTAC line through 50 caliber and filled in the remaining gaps in the MTH line. Today we have 10 different complete lines of bullets that cover every type of from target shooting through dangerous game hunting. We are continually developing and adding lines with an additional line of extreme terminal performance hunting line of bullets in the works. We also offer a custom bullet service for the individual that wants a bullet they can call their own.