John  Ott

John Ott

John Ott is co-founder of the Center for Collective Wisdom ( where he leads large-scale transformation efforts for a wide array of organizations. His work has included community-wide initiatives to reduce and prevent homelessness, systems transformation efforts to ensure children begin school ready to succeed, and stakeholder processes to resolve large public system budget shortfalls. At the heart of these efforts is the Leadership for Collective WisdomTM framework created by John and his colleague and co-founder Rose Pinard. Early in his career John was a lecturer of Public Policy Studies at Duke University and Associate Director of the Hart Leadership Program. He has organized and led several non-profit organizations, including a micro-enterprise project and an affordable housing initiative, and worked as a community organizer. John's is co-author of The Power of Collective Wisdom and the Trap of Collective Folly (2009) and Centered on the Edge (2001).