Jacque  Opie

Jacque Opie

Jacque has a calling to guide people to enjoying happier, healthier and sexier intimate lives together. She believes that to create pure bliss in an intimate relationship we have to first know ourselves, and what we truly desire. Once we know ourselves, we can then begin to explore the wants and needs of our partner. Jacque guides this process for her clients in a playful, cheeky yet respectful way, and helps them see things from each other’s perspectives.She is able to facilitate breakthroughs in her clients thinking, and helps them move from feeling out of control in their relationship, to feeling empowered, and excited about their futures together. Married for over 20 years with 2 adult children, currently completing a Diploma of Positive Psychology, Jacque has taught communication and interpersonal skills in the corporate sector for over 12 years. She uses her VAST experience in that space to give couples incredible strategies to ensure they are happier, healthier and sexier.