Dr. Bindu  Babu, MD, DNM, IMD, PhD

Dr. Bindu Babu, MD, DNM, IMD, PhD

Dr. Bindu is a Certified Assertiveness Life Coach who specializes in self love, inner strength and recovery from toxic relationships using the Quantum Medicinal approach for transformational healing. Dr. Bindu is also a well sought out Motivational Speaker where she has spoken at various corporate, hospital and educational events including prestigious universities such as Harvard for the National Symposium of Personal Development.
Dr. Bindu is a Medical Physician who did her Internships in NY and has now completed her Doctorate in Natural Medicine and her PhD in Integrative Medicine where she is trained in both allopathic and holistic medicinal modalities. She has her certifications in Reiki levels 1, 2 and Advanced Reiki Training and is a Certified Reiki Master Practitioner where she incorporates her gift of intuition and energy healing work towards her clients advancement for well-being.