Sean  McPeak

Sean McPeak

Sean is a regular panel member but you need his bio. With nearly a decade of experience selling real estate in Manhattan and Brooklyn, Sean McPeak has cemented his reputation as a creative deal-maker with a focus on industry collaboration. Sean began his career in the most challenging real estate market in recent memory. Overcoming credit restrictions and market uncertainty molded Sean into one of the most skilled brokers in New York City. An unparalleled commitment to his clients, design and negotiation skills paired with his unique outlook on social media strategy have propelled Sean to become one of the most respected agents in the business. As a longtime “Second Avenue Subway Evangelist,” Sean is now a proud resident of the Upper East Side and one of the Q-Train’s most devoted advocates. Sean’s degree in marketing from Siena College and background in technology help him provide a full-service experience for his clientele.