Jeff  Pollock, P.A.-C

Jeff Pollock, P.A.-C

Jeff Pollock, PA (Physician Assistant) 2016 Advanced Bio-identical Hormone Therapy training completion 2008-2016 Completion of all 4 training programs with Worldlink Medical under world-renowned Bio-identical hormone pioneer Dr. Neil Rouzier. 1998 Graduated MCP Hahnemann University Physician Assistant program 1998 Graduated MCP Hahnemann University, BS degree Jeff has worked with Genesys Medical Institute as a hormone specialist for about 10 years. Jeff continues to work with Utah Wellness Institute on and off for approximately the last 10 years. Jeff has been married to his wife Karen for over 26 years and has 4 children all boys, 3 of which live with him at his home in Draper Utah. His 20-year son is currently serving an LDS mission in the Canada Edmonton mission.