Rev. Dr. Danielle Ayana  James

Rev. Dr. Danielle Ayana James

Rev. Dr. Danielle Ayana James is a religious and spiritual leader. Ordained in the United Church of Canada (Canada’s largest Protestant denomination), Danielle has served congregations in Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Ontario and Alberta, Canada. Described as a Contemporary Theologian, Danielle embodies a vibrant, ‘with the times’ approach to questions of public concern and spiritual perspectives on justice, peace and love. She has earned degrees from Yale University, McMaster University and the University of Chicago. A Certified Leadership and Life Coach, Danielle works with clients across not-for-profit and disciplines of medicine, ministry and education. Passionate about empowering all people to be unleash their truest self, Danielle advocates for the value of holistic approaches of mind, body and spirit. Danielle is Adjunct Faculty at St. Stephen’s Theological College, Edmonton Canada and a Minister at Hillhurst United Church, Alberta.