Dr. Tracy  Bender

Dr. Tracy Bender

Dr. Bender received her doctorate in occupational therapy at Creighton University in 2006. She is specialized in two emerging areas of practice, lymphedema therapy and cancer rehabilitation. She was certified in the Vodder method, as a lymphedema therapist through the Norton School of Lymphatics, and trained in breast cancer care through Klose training. She has completed the Cancer Rehabilitation Specialist training through the American Occupational Therapy Association. She started an LLC in 2015 called Resilience Rehabilitation to promote meditation, mindfulness, and a mind-body-soul approach to wellness, as many patients deal with many psychosocial and emotional effects following a cancer diagnosis and treatment. Dr. Bender also became board certified as a Mastectomy Fitter in 2016. She is a state advocate for the Lymphedema Treatment Act, and is actively seeking to improve awareness and reimbursement for patients with the condition of Lymphedema.