Pepper  Jay

Pepper Jay

I focus on acting, public speaking, and song performance skills. I am a public speaker for both public and private schools; sharing with school children topics such as ‘Listen and Be Heard,’ and ‘The Power of Audience Psychology.’I was a practicing attorney from 1985 through 2014, specializing in fraud, contract disputes, and bankruptcy.In 1991, I formalized my entertainment company, Pepper Jay Productions LLC (“PJP”) Pepper Jay Productions Website. PJP produces music, film, TV, internet shows, and live entertainment. PJP also produces and publishes the Actors Podcast Network, consisting of 15+ informative and entertaining shows on three channels: Actors Reporter, Actors Entertainment, and Actors Radio.From 1993 through 2008, I created and hosted the Working Actors Group, offering on camera and cold reading workshops to working actors.Today, I am blessed to be found on both sides of the camera. I appreciate being.Thank you for dropping by.Pepper Jay