Mel  Glazer

Mel Glazer

Rabbi Mel Glazer is a native of Atlanta, GA. After his rabbinic ordination from the Jewish Theological Seminary in NYC in 1974, he has occupied pulpits in many cities around the United States, Canada and S. Africa. He became interested in grief when his father died when Mel was 12 years old. Of course he didn’t know at the time that he was destined to become a grief specialist, but that was when it all began.
In addition to extensive grief counseling experience, Rabbi Mel earned a Doctor of Ministry degree in grief and counseling from Princeton Theological Seminary in 1995. Following that, Rabbi Mel began writing about grief. He has written two books, the first entitled “And God Created Hope,’ the second entitled “A GPS for Grief and Healing.” A year ago, he began his own weekly radio show, called “From Mourning to Morning,” also on VoiceAmerica Network. He sometimes invites guests to join him, and sometimes he is his own guest.