Geoff  Richmond

Geoff Richmond

Geoff Richmond, results driven financial strategist, entrepreneur and business owner is on a mission to disrupt the financial industry so that business owners can realise the most value from their accountants and advisors and at the same time accountants and advisors can grow and enjoy hugely successful accounting practices.
With nearly forty years in the accounting profession and owning his own businesses, he’s seen what works and what doesn’t from many angles.
As a sole practitioner, he grew his firm 25% per annum for four consecutive years without advertising or purchasing clients, rising to the top quartile of accounting firms in
With his deep understanding of the mechanics of business and unique concepts he created he was able to turn $5,000 per annum compliance clients into $20,000 to $50,000 per annum consulting clients who ultimately became advocates and the company’s best referrers for new business.