Ms. Ricklyn  Woods

Ms. Ricklyn Woods

Ricklyn is a speaker, leadership and development workshop facilitator, and career coach. Born and raised in South Central, Los Angeles, Ricklyn was a high school drop-out and mother at 17 years-old. But in 2015, Ricklyn beat the odds and became a first-generation college graduate…at the age of 39 years-old. She graduated from the University of Phoenix with a Bachelor’s degree in psychology and was selected as one of the motivational speakers at her graduation with 10,000 in attendance and inspired others with her 23-year transformational journey. She then immediately went on to complete a Master’s degree in Industrial and Organizational Psychology with an emphasis in coaching and consulting in just under one-year. She is currently pursuing a doctorate degree in Organizational Psychology. Ricklyn is also a certified Human Resources Professional with a designation in California employment law and is in the process of launching Career Imprint, a college and career coaching business.