Beverly  Adamo

Beverly Adamo

Bev Adamo has experienced the miracle of life and death and rebirth from a unique and inspiring experience of her husband Ric dying in her arms and then fighting his way back to life for Three Reasons. She has used this experience in her work as an inspiring speaker, author and innovation catalyst, working with individuals, teams and businesses to create and embody the concepts of freedom and purpose. Bev has a master’s degree in organizational development and management, as well as having served in executive leadership positions in both the public and private sectors. Bev is a certified Dream Coach, a True Purpose Coach, and is the founder of the movement of humans who are ready to stop wearing their power (i.e., weight, worry, debt, guilt and shame) and start owning and using their power to change their personal world and the world around them and become the inspiring leaders they were born to be.