Fran  Leigh

Fran Leigh

FRAN LEIGH IS A WORLD RENOWNED SPIRITUAL INTUITIVE, TEACHER, AND ANGELIC CHANNEL. SHE HAS BEEN CALLED ONE OF THE GREATEST TRANSFORMATIONAL GUIDES OF THE 21ST CENTURY. Fran was born with the gift of discernment, she receives prophetic insight from her Angels. She has worked with thousands of people including some of Hollywoods Elite. She is a best selling author of 5 books, keynote speaker, entrepreneur, mom and radio show host of Ask Your Angels. In 2014 Fran was voted one of 100 Top Spiritually Influential People. She has been on numerous national radio and talk shows. Her messages have been called 100% accurate. Her life goal is to cross paths with those who are ready to take their lives to the next level with intentional living and for God to use her life. Fran uses her special spiritual connection to help people hear the things they can’t or they are missing. She delivers messages of love, hope, peace, comfort, and enrichment.