Lynne  Hartwell

Lynne Hartwell

Lynne Hartwell, Alternative Medicine Specialist & Psychic Intuitive As an Alternative Medicine Specialist, Lynne Hartwell connects with the Infinite and Natural realms to help re-balance, shift, and transform your life. This is done using all natural healing techniques such as Vibrational Sound Therapy, Medicinal Aromatherapy (100% pure, Medicinal-Grade Organic Essential Oils), Crystal & Gemstone Energy, and other Powerful Energetic Healing techniques. ​ The combination of modalities promote a deeper and more thorough ability to reach the source of the imbalance-the pain, discomfort or disease. It reaches the source of any anxiety, fear, loss, or disconnection with your life & direction that you may feel. This goes beyond sole focus on the symptoms being experienced. This involves returning to a greater balance at the physical, emotional or spiritual level by understanding the primary cause and re-establishing Health & Well-Being .