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Howie Vogel

Howie Vogel is the Executive Director of Double Trouble in Recovery Inc. Howie is in charge of the overall supervision and management of the Double Trouble in Recovery program throughout New York State. Through the years Howie has started over 400 groups Across New York State and has trained and assisted many other states (Oklahoma, Florida, Georgia, New Mexico, Colorado, Arizona, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Iowa, North Carolina, Alaska, Missouri, Nebraska, New Jersey and the list can go on) in the development of DTR groups, throughout these states. Mr. Vogel has played a critical role both in the adaptation of the intervention, and in the forging of an effective link between the formal treatment (TSF therapy) and the DTR community. He is also supporting the research of “Effectiveness Self-Help for Dually Diagnosed persons”, with, National Development and Research Institutes, Inc. Howie’s heartfelt attitude toward DTR is truly a driving force to its success.