Richard Broom

Richard Broom was born April 1946 in Albany, NY. In 1966 Broom was drafted into the Army. Broom remained in the US Army until he took an honorable discharge in 1968. He then returned to graduate from Hudson Valley Community College in 1970 and reenrolled in S.U.N.Y at Albany. In 1982, Broom was incarcerated and spent 359 days in the county jail while awaiting trial and sentencing. For approximately the next ten years, Broom remained in the Florida Department of Corrections. On March 9th, 1993, Broom was released on parole. On January 1st, 1997, Broom began working as a therapist in a small treatment center in South Florida called Behavioral Health of the Palm Beaches. The center now has three separate treatment centers with over 150 beds. Broom remains at this center as a primary therapist. The book (Cocked and Loaded) will not be officially printed until November 09. The book is Richard Broom’s journey through substance abuse, into discovery and through continued recovery.