Norma Jean  Benton

Norma Jean Benton

Norma Jean Benton is a Senior Mortgage Loan Officer, with 14 years’ experience in the mortgage industry. She works with both homeowners & potential property buyers, as well as industry professionals whose goal is to buy, sell, or refinance a chosen property or home. She earned her CA Broker License, so she is able to offer her clients both, VA, and FHA loans. As a Licensed professional her continuing education keeps her informed and interactive when lending laws change. Prior to becoming a Mortgage professional, Norma Jean was a Trainer and Educator in the image industry for over 10 years, being responsible to the sales training staff of 200 people in her company’s region. Norma Jean believes these dreams and goals can be accomplished through a planned and organized strategy. She can provide the financial tools to make it happen. Norma Jean excels in arranging all the pieces of the puzzle and providing the options available to each and every one of her clients.