Tamlin  Hall

Tamlin Hall

Tamlin Hall is the founder of iAmHoldenOn.org and writer-director-producer of award-winning narrative true story teen drama, Holden On. Tamlin is a coveted HUMANITAS Prize winner for television writing and MFA graduate from UCLA. Prior to UCLA, Tamlin trained as an actor at The School At Steppenwolf inside the world renowned Steppenwolf Theatre in Chicago, IL. Holden On marks Tamlin's directorial debut. The film is based on Tamlin's childhood friend, Holden Layfield, whom he grew up with in Georgia. While doing research for the film, Tamlin discovered drawings Holden's sister made for Holden after his schizophrenia/dual diagnosis. Her drawings would spark the idea to create the iAmHoldenOn High School Art Initiative. Holden On is currently on the film festival circuit, garnering praise from both critics and audiences.