Rich  Killian

Rich Killian

Mr. Killian serves as CEO for Prospect Equities® and oversees its development, management, marketing, and operations. His focus is the expansion of Prospect Equities® as an international brand name and franchise system.
He holds a Master of Business Administration degree along with a Bachelor of Science degree in Civil Engineering, and is a Harvard University alumnus. In addition to the founding role of Prospect Equities®, he has founded, operated, and/or acquired over two dozen companies in the areas of engineering, demolition, technology, general contracting, insurance, investments, publishing, banking, and entertainment production.
Mr. Killian is an honorable and decorated United States military veteran and is the Founder of two charities which help military veterans. He has founded The Hardship Home Foundation and The Richard M. Killian Scholarship Fund and is a notable philanthropist.